The Freedom Release Technique evolved out of a simple question that changed Rashana's life.  The question was, "Why don't you develop your own clearing technique?"  It came from an attendee of her Dis-cover Your Light workshop who later became an informal business partner. During the workshop Rashana used a clearing method that she was not formally trained in. She was transparent about being self-taught in the technique and that is what led to the question. 

That suggestion came after an intense year of personal healing for Rashana. As 2012 approached she decided that instead of making a New Year’s Resolution (we all know how long they last) she would make a declaration. It was one word that would be her focus for the entire year. That word was healing. She knew that if life was going to improve she had to get to the bottom of what was holding her back. All year long, with the support of a friend and Theta practitioner, Rashana cleared one thing after another and another. The clearing work continued often 2 or 3 times a week in 2012. After that intense work her body seemed to know what to do to release.

Back to the question ... Rashana had NO idea how she would develop her own clearing technique but was curious enough to explore it.  She went into meditation one day and heard the words, “May all be revealed.” She waited for more but nothing was provided. She left the meditation hoping that more would come to her in the next couple of days. It didn’t. Determined, she returned a couple of days later back into meditation and asked for more clarification. She was simply told to use those words when a client presented a concern and see what happened.

This required a huge leap of faith but she tried it out and sure enough, faaaaaar off in the distance she was aware of the source event that created the belief that was holding the person back and causing suffering. Once Rashana found the source belief that was creating the hardship, she asked for it to be cleared – that was the intention after all – and The Freedom Release Technique was born.  Out of a simple and profound question, combined with an open mind and a curious willingness, a new and powerful clearing technique was birthed. 

Since that time FreedomRT has evolved as Rashana evolves. The nature of the work has attracted clients from around the globe, suggesting that it is a gift to all. It is one of the newest techniques uplifting humanity at this time of great change. And it is powerful indeed. Because FreedomRT is able to get to the very core event that created the limiting belief, without the client having the difficult task of trying to search their subconscious mind to identify what it was, change happens very quickly. What is even more powerful is the Freedom Release Technique takes it a step further and replaces the limiting belief that was cleared with an empowering belief that, in a sense, rewrites the person’s history. When that happens suddenly they're living a new life! People feel lighter, they have new clarity, peace and a sense of being the witness to their lives instead of being caught up int the vortex of struggle. Clients easily move closer to their true potential, unhindered by sabotaging beliefs that have held them back for so long.

In two years the Freedom Release Technique has gone from a place of discovery to a global clientele thanks to that curious question, and now it is growing again. Rashana's work is moving in a new direction and for a while she thought that FreedomRT may be lost.  Instead the universe sent clear signals that it is meant to live on. The first sign was one of her clients stating that she wanted to learn the technique and that she saw a group of students being trained. That person is Marika, from Sweden, and she will soon be listed here as one of the first Certified Freedom Release Technique Practitioners.

People feel a change after only one session of FreedomRT. Often after a few sessions people feel transformed. The Freedom Release Technique has been such a gift as Rashana sees the transformative nature of the work. It is a deep honour to connect with others in such a beautiful and profound manner and watch them step into their brilliance. Rashana's greatest joy is to offer humanity this blessed tool of transformation as we, the human race, evolve back into wholeness.


  1. Eileen Hodgkinson

    Hello, my name is EIleen, I was a reiki master I progressed into other healing modalities, one bein The Reconnection, my husband was tragically killed 6 years ago my garland daughter broke her back, I have struggled to create a new life I have met 2 men both narcissistic, I didn’t have a good childhood, I feel stuck sad and yet know that life hols so much more for me , I live in the north of England , I would like to book a session with Rashana, but I don’t have Skype, please let me know the best way to go forward and if we could do it over the telephone, I would love to see Rashana in person ? Even though that would mean travelling such a long distance, please advice love Eileen

    • Hello Eileen, My apologies in taking so long to respond to your message. Thank you for sharing some of your past with me. I would love to work with you and am happy to say that my work has just expanded into a new level that people are finding even more effective than in the past.

      We could work over the phone. I would expect that you would phone me. I also want to say that I work with Skype a lot and it is easy to use, free, and, as far as my experience goes, quite safe to use.

      Please email me at [email protected] to let me know if you would like to go forward with a session and what method of contact would be best for you.

      Wishing you blessings of love,

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