me celebrateRashana is the founder of the Freedom Release Technique and now trains others as Certified Practitioners in a 32 hour training program. Rashana developed the technique after years of personal development and training in alternative therapies. She is a Reiki Master (1996), Certified Hypnotherapist, educated in Human Services, Community Services and Family Services. She is trained in a variety of alternative therapies and is a Channel for the Council of Nine. She has appeared on the national television show The Dragons' Den and several radio shows. Her books include Conversations with a Tree, You Get What You Believe, and The Spiritual Seeker's Guide to Happiness.

To order a session with Rashana visit where you will find the Freedom Release Technique page (book a session at the bottom of the page). While there, explore the site, sign up for her Daily Love Notes, and learn about  the other work that she offers.  

Certified Practitioners:

The Freedom Release Practitioner family is growing.  Each practitioner brings her unique skills into the work. Below is a list of the Certified Practitioners who are available for personal or online sessions. Please contact them through their individual websites or email. And, while you're on this site, make sure to read the testimonials that speak of the power of the Freedom Release Technique in changing lives.

Ann Perry You Tube Page

Ann Perry has been actively involved in the Healing Arts since 1998 when she first discovered Reiki. Her healing practice grew rapidly as she explored different ways to more effectively connect with her clients. It was then that she discovered a passion for Numerology as it enabled her to reach her clients in a deeper, more profound way.

Ann facilitates workshops both in person and online. She has been a guest speaker on several radio and television shows. Ann has been a regular columnist for the Shore News and has several published articles to her credit.

Ann is proud to have pioneered an Equine & Canine Reiki Certification Course in Nova Scotia. She is a Certified Reiki Master, Hypno-Therapist, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Freedom Release Technique Practitioner & Hand Analyst. She has had the honor of teaching hundreds of students and attuning 34 Reiki Masters from all around the world.

When Ann first discovered the Freedom Release Technique she had already spent several years healing her own wounds while coming to terms with a lot of emotional baggage she had carried for far too long. After just a few clearing sessions with Rashana she knew she had to learn this technique so she could share the benefits with others! Ann is thrilled to be Rashana’s first Certified FRT Practitioner! 

To contact Ann email [email protected] or visit her website

Kali-Rose is a facilitator of healing energy which is synonymous with LOVE for her. Her spiritual journey began in 1989 while living in France. At that time she became aware of her ability to communicate with her spiritual guides and some ascended masters. She then studied Indian Head Massage, Swedish massage and Aromatherapy. In 2003 she became a Reiki Master and discovered that during Reiki sessions she was able to read the client’s energy field and remove blockages by seeing their past lives. Hands-on healing allowed her to experience the miraculous. It was during that same year that Saint Germain, who is the master alchemist of the violet flame,appeared to her. That sacred fire opened the channel of communication with her higher self which allowed her to get in touch more fully with her clients’ higher selves. In addition to these hands-on techniques, Kali-Rose studied crystal healing, which she also used to enhance her Reiki practice.

Since moving to the Halifax area in 2010, Kali-Rose met Rashana and was introduced to the Freedom Release Technique. After only one session of this beautiful technique Kali-Rose felt a sense of purpose and she knew it was the structure she was looking for in the next step of her healing practice.

Kali-Rose is the second person to be Certified in the Freedom Release Technique. She now lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with her husband and son.

Check the Testimonial page to see what others are saying about Kali-Rose's work.

To contact Kali-Rose email [email protected]


Megan Hawaii Photo

Megan Tardif-Woolgar started her spiritual journey at a very young age, experiencing a very loud awakening in her early twenties. Feeling more at home among the plants and nature spirits than with most other individuals, she sought education in the field of Environmental Science, and then Herbal Medicine soon thereafter, understanding that we cannot heal the planet without first healing ourselves.

As a Medical Herbalist, Megan helps facilitate the connection between the plant spirits and human world, allowing plants to step forward in a session and offer their healing power.

Megan had a dream one morning that guided her to take the plant Centella asiatica or Gotu Kola. She didn`t know it at the time, but this plant helps facilitate the changing of cellular memory and enhancing the connection to the higher self. She also didn`t know that she would be invited to sit in upon a Freedom Release session with Rashana that very morning! After an incredibly powerful (and life changing!) soul retrieval during the Freedom Release work, Megan understood what Centella was showing her that day - that the Freedom Release Technique is the new healing work that she is being guided towards, helping others experience the gift of the FreedomRT experience!

To book a session with Megan, please visit her website at or email [email protected]






To become a Certified Freedom Release Technique Practitioner please contact Rashana through this website or the website.


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