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Scientists discover that DNA can be reprogrammed with words and frequencies.





Book author Mark Wolynn
Book author Mark Wolynn

Can trauma be passed through generations? Author says making link to past may be key to healing



nassimNassim Haramein, a brilliant physicist, reveals how everything is connected, that a proton has the same mass as the universe, indeed showing that life is a hologram as well as how everything is connected. This work shows how Freedom Release Technique Practitioners can tap into your belief systems and release the past to create new outcomes in the present moment. Watch his presentation here where he shares his exciting, innovative discoveries:


  1. Janice

    Hi Rashana,
    Sounds like a great healing tool. Is it closely related to EFT tapping on meridians?

    • Hello Janice,

      It is quite different from EFT. With FreedomRT the practitioner is able to go into the subconscious and find the cause of the limiting belief, which saves a lot of time in only seeing something when it surfaces, perhaps never getting to the core event that caused the trauma or belief to develop.

      Thank you for your interest,

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