The Freedom Release Technique Is A Powerful Experience -

Be Prepared for Change!

Here Is What Others Have Said About The Freedom Release Technique:

"My journey with Rashana was one of the most supported journeys I've ever been on. I always felt warm, content and full of trust no matter where they took us. I experienced session after session of a heaviness get lighter and lighter, as my energetic field lifted. I found out so much about my childhood and my past that was holding me back from my authentic self and she was able to help me release this baggage. She is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, inside and out and I would recommend her to anyone who has the courage to live their fullest life! When I look in the mirror now I love what I see smiling back at me, I'm so happy to look at myself now and love myself. Not because I've lost weight or changed on the outside, but something so intense has shifted inside of me! I can just tell this next chapter is going to be amazZing! I am forever thankful to you Rashana and you will always be one of the pivotal people along my journey!
Much Love and gratitude
Nicole Hall" Nova Scotia, Canada


"For sooo many years I had this itchy leg after my surgery 8 years ago! It was horrible. It is goooone!!! Now I know again how to feel whole again! How it is to feel the normal state! And low back pain is gone tooo!!! Ahhhhhhhh hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to record my happiness hahahaha and send it to you."

Swetlana Schultheiss, Ontario after a clearing session


"I woke this morning feeling so peaceful. I feel like I have been reborn! In reality, I have stepped into more of my Divinity. Thank you for the process, the Freedom Release Technique, that created the environment that made it safe and natural to do that. I have been so entrenched in the old energies of lack and limitation but there is no longer need to hold on to them.

When I saw you yesterday I truly felt like I had come 'home'. The Freedom Release Technique did indeed bring me there. I have never experienced anything so 'powerfully gentle' and healing. Issues that had been a painful focus most of my life suddenly fell into place as gifts and blessings that provided the means for my Soul's growth.....it was really that simple from a Soul level. Continued Blessings as you move forward serving the world with Love."

In Love and Light,
Bev Doucette
River John, NS


"I have experienced a session of FRT with Rashana and found it to be a wonderful way of releasement helping to bring you back into aligment with who you are, and opening you up to healing your heart! Rashana also did some channelling for me with the Council of Nine and that was such a freeing lovely experience filled with Love and Wisdom from the Masters."

With Appreciation, Terry Colquhoun  www.foreverinlight.ca

ABOUT A WORKSHOP THAT INCLUDED FRT: "I am a workshop-aholic. In all honesty, Rashana's Discover Your Light workshop was the best I have ever attended. Her facilitation skills are flawless. The information she presented was insightful. The sounding and clearing were powerful. She could easily present at Omega and Esalen. Thank-you Rashana!"

Terry Choyce
Bedford, NS


"For 30 years I have been working on my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being. I have used many different techniques and products. My work with Rashana over a couple months period, mostly one time/week, using Freedom Release Technique, sounding, and connecting with the Council of Nine has dramatically enhanced my life.

I don't know how the Freedom Release Technique works, but I trust the results. The Freedom Release Technique goes to the source of the issue. Rashana has gone into the deep recesses of my old pain and woundings to clear and restore me to a greater sense of the person I truly am. We worked on this life and past life issues.

Physically, pains that have been with me as long as I can remember have greatly decreased or disappeared. Emotionally, I have cleared out a lot of old heaviness and inability to move forward. I have a deeper sense of connection with myself and my guides. A deeper calm is available to me most times now.

Working with Rashana has been a collaborative effort. She has been very receptive to my intuitive knowledge and willing to explore along those lines. I so appreciate her intuitive ability to see things that have been hard for me to access and stay with due to the pain and habitual patterning. With deep gratitude for Rashana's assistance, I offer this information."

Thank you,
Elisabeth Webber, USA


About Kali-Rose's work:

I have had the absolute pleasure of having Kali-Rose perform different forms of energy work on me over the past few years, and I sincerely mean this when I say: Each occasion has been an EVENT. The healings that I’ve received have definitely improved my emotional, physical and spiritual health without a doubt.
The most recent healings with Kali-Rose have been nothing short of phenomenal when she did FRT (freedom release technique). I had a number of what I consider “normal” issues that I wanted to improve…meaning remove/lessen (i.e. anxiety, pleasing others, perfectionism, fear of losing someone). After the session I felt like I was floating as I was leaving. I felt so much lighter, and very much at ease. For the most part, that feeling is still with me as I work through very busy work days.
If you are looking to improve your life, I most highly recommend Kali-Rose. She has such an incredible gift and is truly connected to “upstairs”.
Karen Rostek January 27, 2016


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