Would you like to expand your practice to include one of the most effective clearing techniques in the world?  

If you are looking for an innovative, life-transforming healing technique to build your intuitive healing business then FreedomRT is right for you.  This work attracts a global clientelle and right now you can have the advantage of being among the first in the world to become a Certified Freedom Release Technique Practitioner.

Classes are limited to only 2 students so you can have quality time with Rashana during your training as well as receiving personal clearing sessions at each class. 

Training includes:

  • 33 hours of online training offered over 4 months
  • personal sessions with Rashana and with your fellow students
  • clearing your own fears and limiting beliefs as you grow into becoming a FreedomRT Practitioner
  • learning the 3 Rs of the technique
  • connecting with your own intuitive abilities to bring your unique skills into the work
  • study from The Tao of Leadership (John Heider) as it relates to the work
  • the potential for ongoing support from your fellow students
  • promotion on this website as a Certified Practitioner
  • an inevitable transformation toward your greatest potential

You can only take others as far as you have gone yourself. That's why personal clearing work is part of the training. As you do your own clearing you are releasing more of your own deeply hidden beliefs while learning the finer aspects of the technique. By the end of the training period you will not only have raised your personal frequency forever, you will have the tools to help others do the same.

What you learn in this training could literally change your life and your business forever.  I know this because I have seen it happen. Any change within you is going to ripple out into your business. That change could look like more determination toward success because you truly believe in yourself. It may be an end to procrastination because you know you deserve to be living your dream life. You may find a renewed enthusiasm for your business and the faith that you have what it takes to make it work. This work is hugely transformative and offers you innovative and progressive solutions for yourself and your clients.

To ensure consistency in the classes, you must commit to attending 12 out of 16 weekly classes. (Recordings will be available for missed classes). As with any class structure, a relationship builds between students. This will be even stronger in this training because of the deep nature of the work. Therefore it is important to commit to attendance. As well, part of the training requires students to receive clearings from Rashana during the weekly session and with fellow students who arrange their own meeting times according to their schedules. We will be building a community of support for each other that can continue long after the training period ends.

Space is limited so register now to become a Certified Freedom Release Technique Practitioner. Your investment in this training will be recovered with less than 13 client sessions.  When compared to other clearing modalities, and the many levels of training they require to become certified, the cost of this training is as little as 1/3 of the cost of some. And you save the expense of travel while still developing a personal relationship with Rashana and the other students.

*Please note that this work requires a certain level of intuitive ability. It is expected that you will have a natural affinity toward healing or intuitive work to ensure your success in the training.

The next training begins in January, 2018. The weekly two hour class will be held via Skype at a time that meets the needs of the students. Because classes are limited to two students, several classes are available. Please register to ensure your seat. Once registered, you will be asked to meet with me over Skype or phone to discuss the training, ask any questions, and prepare in any other way required for us to work together over the 4 months of training.

Three payment options are available.  Save by paying in full at the time of registration -  $2499.  However, if preferred, you may pay in two instalments of $1350 or four monthly instalments of $700. Initial payment is due two weeks prior to the next scheduled training. You may make a deposit for a future training if it is more suitable to your schedule. 

Because this work attracts a global clientele, fees are charged in US dollars. Canadian trainees please contact me for payment in Cdn. funds.

Register now to expand your life and your business into your greatest potential. (Hover over button to see payment options).

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