awakening-676386_1280The Freedom Release Technique (FreedomRT) is a unique technology that goes directly into the subconscious to reveal the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from creating the life you desire.  Like so many others who have benefitted from FreedomRT, you could see your life transform from hardship and struggle to clarity of purpose and a feeling of empowerment. 

When you receive a FreedomRT session, your limiting beliefs are revealed and released so that you start living from a whole new foundation and level of awareness. The Technique is changing the negative cellular memory that you carry from past experiences to a more positive perspective. This is a permanent change and most people feel a shift in themselves after just one session. 

The Freedom Release Technique was created by Rashana and evolved out of her personal journey into healing. It has changed her life from hardship and despair to living her life purpose, perfectly content, in complete flow with the universe, and supporting all who are called to the work to shift and transform their lives as well. It is her deep honour to do the work, supporting others as they recreate themselves into their highest potential and into the direction of their dreams.

To order a session please go to the Practitioner page. We look forward to supporting your journey into wholeness. To learn more about the technique visit the History page.


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